KinetX™ Advantage

ADVANTAGE 1 – Increased Striking Power

One of the greatest design flaws of traditional expandable batons is that the majority of the weight is at the handle and the striking end is actually the thinnest portion of the baton. Considering that a bat design has shown to transfer almost 3 times the energy of a traditional expandable baton, the KinetX baton allows for the baton to be used in a manner that resembles a bat. This ensures maximum transfer of kinetic energy into the intended target and lowers the likelihood of the need for multiple blows.


ADVANTAGE 2 – Reversible Grip Design

The baton is one of the most unique weapons carried by law enforcement. This is because it is the only tool that is dependant on the individual using it. Size, strength, skill, training and environment can radically change the effectiveness of the baton from one officer to another and from one situation to another. By having the option to hold the baton in the traditional manner, it allows for greater speed and less power. This is excellent when a purely defensive application is required. When more stopping power is desired, the baton can be reversed to increase the energy of the strike.


ADVANTAGE 3 – Collapsible for Easy Carry

One of the main reasons agencies have switched to expandable batons is purely for the ability of the baton to be collapsed and easily carried on the duty belt. This was done with most agencies realizing that they would be trading off power for portability by switching from a fixed baton to an expandable baton. Now, with the KinetX baton, there is no need to trade off portability for power.


ADVANTAGE 4 – Light Weight

Although most officers report that the KinetX baton feels heavier than the equivalent size expandable baton, it is actually the same weight of 19 ounces. The reason it feels heavier is because of the greater balancing effect from having dual grips. Again, this keeps the weight of equipment carried by the officer substantially lower than a fixed baton, without loss in power.


ADVANTAGE 5 – Dual Deployment Method

Depending on the operational need, the KinetX baton can be deployed in two different manners. When psychological intimidation is needed, the baton can be extended by the regular means of holding the handle and extending the baton through an aggressive downward movement with the arm. In situations where the baton is need to be deployed stealthy, the operator can hold both grips and pull the baton open, quietly locking the baton into an extended position.