The KINETX™ reversible grip expandable baton is the world’s first baton that provides users with two levels of force in one baton. The patent pending KinetX baton has two grips at either end of the baton. One grip allows for the baton to be held in the traditional manner. The second grip is located at the narrowest expanded tube allowing for the baton to be held at the narrowest end and striking to occur with the thickest tube of the baton. This dramatically increases the amount of kinetic energy that can be generated. This is very important in law enforcement as the size, strength and the officer’s skill will influence how much kinetic energy can be generated by a baton.

speed-powerBy having two options available to the officer, a larger, stronger, more skilled officer can hold the baton in the traditional manner and lesson the possibility of injury through too much kinetic transfer. In contrast to this, a smaller, weaker, less skilled officer can reverse the baton and hold it in a manner that will dramatically increase their ability to create kinetic energy. This will allow officers to strike large muscle groups with the ability to end resistance with a single strike versus multiple strikes.

Baseball Player

Finally, an expandable baton that makes sense.

The problem with traditional expandable batons is that they are designed to strike with the smallest end of the baton. How much success would a major league player have if they walked up to the plate and tried to hit the ball with the narrow end of the bat?  In order to achieve maximal force from a baton, the user must strike with the larger end. The KinetX™ baton solves this problem by creating a reversible grip expandable baton that allows the user to strike with the heavy end. The baton has a grip on each end that also serves as a striking surface. The officer can hold the baton in the traditional manner when speed is required and adopt a reverse grip when maximum stopping power is required.


KinetX Stress Draw Holder

Open Face Baton Holder

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Push baton towards opening for immediate draw.